AAASpanking - Angelica Vee and John Osborne - The Jodhpurs Brat

AAASpanking – Angelica Vee and John Osborne – The Jodhpurs Brat

Runtime : 6:58s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Angelica Vee, John Osborne

Angelica’s Riding School days are over for now as she faces a backlash from the owner who is facing a lawsuit after her horse trampled on innocent people whilst under her “control”. She has been sent to the basement where nobody can hear the following extremely humiliating punishment she is about to endure. Henry the Horse makes a welcome return, a remedial tool for brats who think they know best. Until further notice, Angelica can only ride Henry, and riding him comes at an additional cost. With what little dignity remains, Angelica discovers that this is a musical horse that is programmed to play as she gallops. It’s amusing for him, and us as observers… but at the expense of poor Angelica! After a further scolding and withering put-downs, the brat is spanked over her tight jodhpurs before she must have her bottom spanked on the bare to add to her growing embarrassment. With the recent memory of riding Henry fresh in her mind, the spankings continue until she is told to bend over the desk and her heavy leather riding crop is used to swat her red, sore behind. Angelica must also take her first caning punishment at the school and the owner does not hold back, delivering some fine, excruciating strokes to her quivering cheeks. After corner time is completed, Henry the Horse is again presented to her as she must ride him wearing the Dunce Cap. This will teach this know-it-all brat a real lesson with many more to come that she will endure for placing the entire school in jeopardy from her out-of-control behavior.

AAASpanking - Angelica Vee and John Osborne - The Jodhpurs Brat
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