AAASpanking - Faerie Willow and Clara Matthews - Inflight Entertainment

AAASpanking – Faerie Willow and Clara Matthews – Inflight Entertainment

Runtime : 13:20s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Clara Matthews

An incident on Flight A4403 has come to the attention of the head of HR, Miss Clara Matthews. She had been reviewing new CCTV footage installed inside the cockpits and came across something by accident. Faerie Willow has been summoned to the airline’s London training office to explain in more detail what took place between herself and the captain of Flight A4403. Of course, Faerie is embarrassed and barely able to tell her boss that she performed a lewd sex act following “captain’s orders” during the flight. The CCTV footage, however, coldly laid out what this willing, naughty flight attendant and the reckless pilot had been doing, possibly endangering the entire plane. The captain would be disciplined later but right now, it is Faerie who must take an old-fashioned, over the knee, hand spanking. Miss Matthews relishes the task and delights in inflicting humiliation and pain to her underling, spanking Faerie over her tight pantyhose before pulling them down and continuing to spank the selfish slut over her crisp white cotton panties. Of course, Miss Matthews always spanks on the bare and also has a few leather implements she has been wanting to use on an errant employee. A black leather paddle whacks a sorry-looking Miss Willow as she kicks and squirms over her boss’s lap. The final part of this punishment is with the flight attendant placed over the desk, bare bottom stuck out as an inviting target for the boss’s leather strap. No mercy is shown as Miss Matthews carries out a mean leather strapping, as she scolds and chides the reckless employee. Afterward, Faerie is told to compose herself and think about her actions in the future and is left in no uncertain mind that actions have consequences! She is lucky to keep her job, and knows it! Following “captain’s orders” should never involve sexual services as some sort of entitled inflight entertainment and Faerie learns she needs to stand up for herself. As for the captain of flight A4403, it would be safe to say that his flying days with this airline are over.

AAASpanking - Faerie Willow and Clara Matthews - Inflight Entertainment
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