AAASpanking - Faerie Willow and John Osborne - No Sparing Willow

AAASpanking – Faerie Willow and John Osborne – No Sparing Willow

Runtime : 7:6s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Faerie Willow, John Osborne

“Spare the Rod… Spoil the Child” is a modern-day proverb taken loosely from Proverbs 13:24 in The Bible. Willow had been spanked at school but her father was not impressed with the classroom discipline. He believes that she had got away with a much lighter spanking than was required… and he was about to correct that mistake by reminding his girl just what real discipline at home was like. To add to the anticipation and humiliation of her upcoming punishment, she was to dress in the ritual outfit of a white camisole, bottle green gym knickers, and knee-length white socks. Once inspected and suitably scolded, Willow assumed her position over his lap for the start of a long, tearful reminder that poor behavior has very real consequences. He spanks Willow hard across her tight-fitting knickers before removing them, revealing the prim white gusset as he continues to use his hand with more strength. He hasn’t finished with her yet, and he has the nervous girl watch him unbuckle his thick leather belt… Daddy hasn’t had to do this in a long time! She is laid over the couch, her reddening bottom receiving a harsh licking from his well-worn belt. Willow knows she has been properly disciplined and by now is sobbing loudly… as the tears flow freely from this harsh lesson taught to her at home. Daddy comforts his girl, as he loves her and wants the best for her… but she knows she did wrong and the release of the tears after her punishment is very real. She is left to compose herself, rub and soothe her sore bottom, dry away her tears and contemplate how she can better behave in the future.

AAASpanking - Faerie Willow and John Osborne - No Sparing Willow
AAASpanking - Faerie Willow and John Osborne - No Sparing Willow
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