AAASpanking - Lyra Skye and John Osborne - Lyra Mouthsoaped and Hand Strapped

AAASpanking – Lyra Skye and John Osborne – Lyra Mouthsoaped and Hand Strapped

Runtime : 8:45s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Lyra Skye, John Osborne

This is a very special short sharp shock film with a difference. Lyra Skye returns home from school, having kept a secret from her dad the fact that she had been severely punished at school recently. He wasn’t aware of this and only found out from a routine follow-up phone call to which he felt embarrassed that she could keep something like this from him. One can only imagine his anger and frustration as his House Rules dictate that a “spanking at school means a spanking at home”. However, since Lyra had been caned hard days ago, the sight of her welted buttocks and thighs meant a spanking was not needed so he had her strip naked in the bathroom for a punishment she wouldn’t forget. Naked and trembling, Lyra is told that she will get her dirty lying mouth thoroughly washed out with soap… then she would receive a nasty hand strapping, facing him in the bathtub! The mere thought of this sent her poor, fluttering tummy into a knot as it was so humiliating! The soaping is carried out three very super sudsy frothy times, and she can taste it in every part of her mouth to which Lyra thinks it is utterly gross! Then she has to keep that nasty soap bar in her mouth, standing cold and naked in the bathtub as she holds out her hands for the leather strapping, She must look him in the eye as each stinging swat reigns down on her aching, reddened palms. Only afterward is she allowed to compose herself and think about the consequences of her poor behavior. He will have order in this household!

AAASpanking - Lyra Skye and John Osborne - Lyra Mouthsoaped and Hand Strapped
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