AssumeThePositionStudios - Belt till you Cum - Hard Belt Whipping - Multiple Orgasms

AssumeThePositionStudios – Stevie Rose – Belt till you Cum – Hard Belt Whipping – Multiple Orgasms

Runtime : 8:56s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Stevie Rose

Stevie lays across the couch with her swollen bottom pushed in the air. Her breasts are pulled out of her top, her panties pulled into a tight wedgie exposing her cheeks for his belt. She is especially sensitive today, each lick searing into her flesh. She craves his painful foreplay, her well beaten bottom arouses both of them. Picking up the paddle to deliver a hard barrage of swats. Stevie is handed the vibrator and instructed to position it for maximum pleasure, as he continues to apply the belt. All too quickly she so cums, announcing her climax to the rhythmic application of the belt. Gasping out of breath, her legs quiver. Stevie is instructed to keep the vibrator on her clit as he continues to beat her with gusto. This time she remembers to ask for permission, which is granted as he whips her mercilessly. Her bottom and pussy are throbbing and sensitive as she is taught a lesson.

AssumeThePositionStudios - Belt till you Cum - Hard Belt Whipping - Multiple Orgasms

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