Dreams Of Spanking - Pandora Blake - Proof of Innocence

Dreams Of Spanking – Pandora Blake – Proof of Innocence

Runtime : 24:54s
Resolution : 1520×1152 HD
Model : Pandora Blake

Adelheid is the model of a perfect student: quiet, bookish, well-behaved. Her marks are exemplary and her behaviour is impeccable, and she’s even been named Head Girl – none of which has endeared her to her fellow students. When she’s framed for the vandalisation of the school’s Art department, she and her teachers face something of a dilemma. It’s clear she must be punished, and some of the staff are more convinced than others as to her guilt. In the end, she’s able to negotiate a compromise – though it’s not one that allows her to escape the Headmaster’s cane. To demonstrate good faith, she takes eighteen blisteringly precise strokes. She is however able to get the staff to agree to investigate the matter further – beginning, of course, with the girl who wrongly accused her in the first place. This is a beautifully emotional scene, with fantastic characterisation and a tight, believable plot drawing on some of Kaelah’s real-life school experiences. It includes boarding school canings for not one but two stunning bottoms, administered by two dashing, professorial teachers. A collaboration with spanking bloggers and real life couple Ludwig and Kaelah, this scene was written by Kaelah and filmed at the very beginning of Dreams of Spanking’s journey. After sitting on the footage for many years, we are delighted to finally release it as a free video for all to enjoy. Schoolmasters Thomas Cameron and Ludwig are tasked with the caning of pupils Kaelah and Pandora Blake in this school tale of deception, courage and – ultimately – solidarity between victims.

Dreams Of Spanking - Pandora Blake - Proof of Innocence
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