Dreams Of Spanking - Pandora Blake, Rosie Bower - Ladys Companion

Dreams Of Spanking – Pandora Blake, Rosie Bower – Ladys Companion

Runtime : 17:48s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Pandora Blake, Rosie Bower

Lady Pandora finds herself a little lonely since the death of her husband, and she wishes to take a new companion: someone to sit and read to her while she sews, keep her company through the long afternoons, help her with the tasks of running a traditional household. Miss Bower seems to fit the bill – educated, unmarried, eager to please. Of course, the Lady of the House does have a few…niche interests. For one, her taste in poetry is perhaps a little risqué; for another, her disciplinary methods make her an employer like no other. Miss Bower discovers this one peaceful afternoon, when she’s scandalised by the words of the immortal Coleridge. Surely this is subject matter not fit for a pair of ladies such as themselves? Her new mistress disagrees – and takes the opportunity to show her new companion just what sort of a lady she is.

Dreams Of Spanking - Pandora Blake, Rosie Bower - Ladys Companion
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