GoodSpanking - Chelsea Pfeiffer - Please Don't Fire Me!

GoodSpanking – Chelsea Pfeiffer – Please Don’t Fire Me!

Runtime : 11:16s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Chelsea Pfeiffer

Poor Christy just can’t seem to get the whole time-clock routine down. Plus, she may be a little too nice when she agrees to clock in for a fellow worker who calls Christy for the request when she realizes she’s going to be late. Clocking in for fellow workers is strictly forbidden, so when boss Chelsea spies Christy doing her naughty deed via security camera it’s time for another write-up. A second write up could get Christy canned, but Chelsea has a plan to help Christy save her job. The plan involves some serious OTK punishment spanking and a thorough paddling with a very large wooden paddle!

GoodSpanking - Chelsea Pfeiffer - Please Dont Fire Me
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GoodSpanking_-_Please_Dont_Fire_Me.mp4 – 499.06 MB

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