GoodSpanking - Chelsea Pfeiffer - Team Work

GoodSpanking – Chelsea Pfeiffer – Team Work

Runtime : 10:55s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model : Chelsea Pfeiffer

At C.P. Paddles and Products, it’s all about team work. So, when Linny gets an inflated ego after a very successful product demo, it’s time for boss Chelsea to remind Linny that she didn’t sell all those paddles by herself! Linny doesn’t take the discipline session seriously at first, as her funny, cute little panties indicate. But, those panties come down, as they should, and Linny gets the serious OTK spanking she deserves!
GoodSpanking - Chelsea Pfeiffer - Team WorkLinny failed in the teamwork department, ignoring suggestions from the paddle makers at C.P. Paddles and Products. So, it’s no surprise when the paddle she designs is defective, with lacquer on the paddle comes off on customers’ bottoms! Customer complaints roll in and Linny once again goes over Chelsea’s knee for a sound OTK, followed by a paddling. Result? Lesson learned!
GoodSpanking - Chelsea Pfeiffer - Team Work

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GoodSpanking_-_Team_Work_-_Part_One.mp4 – 485.98 MB
GoodSpanking_-_Team_Work_-_Part_Two.mp4 – 313.80 MB

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