Universal Spanking and Punishments - Attitude Adjustment 20 - Wet Bottom Caned

Universal Spanking and Punishments – Attitude Adjustment 20 – Wet Bottom Caned

Runtime : 11:31s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD

Carissa Dumond is a beautiful woman and a stunning fetish model. Recently, Carissa approached us about a real discipline session, one that would absolve her of some guilt. After some discussions, it was decided that she would receive some wet bottom punishment that would include strokes with the cane! Our goal was to make this spanking a very effective and painful ordeal for Carissa, so she wasn’t provided a warm-up, in fact her session started with hard belt strokes. We should also note that there is very little dialogue in this video, what you’re going to see is a a lot of spanking action! One has to admire a woman who recognizes the value of corporal punishment. Carissa works hard to take care of herself, and you’re going to see her beautiful backside strapped in a pair of very tight jeans! First, Carissa was given lots of licks with a supple leather belt and right after that she was given more discipline with another stiff strap. Soon Carissa would be instructed to strip below the waist and she stepped into the tub as required. From there, she would dip her bottom down into the bubbly water and then rose back up, bending over for harsh strokes with the razor strap! Carissa cried out loud during her wet bottom strapping. The razor strap is an unforgiving implement that is perfect for welting tender cheeks and delivering the much needed correction that some women need. In the case of Carissa, this punishment needed to sting. As Carissa tried to regain her composure, she was told once again to dip her bottom in the warm water. She was sore and swollen, though there were two more implements that had to be endured. First, Carissa was given stern swats with a hard wooden paddle! That heavy board sizzled those wet bare cheeks repeatedly, she wondered if she’d be able to take the final part of her punishment? Even though her bottom was on fire, Carissa obediently took position for a caning. It was the first caning that she’d ever experienced and each and every stroke reminded her of how important redemption can be, even for a good girl.

Universal Spanking and Punishments - Attitude Adjustment 20 - Wet Bottom Caned

Universal_Spanking_and_Punishments_-_Attitude_Adjustment_20_-_Wet_Bottom_Caned.mp4 – 605.90 MB

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