Universal Spanking and Punishments - Double Strapping the Wife

Universal Spanking and Punishments – Double Strapping the Wife

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When Emmaleigh Casteel became married to John Casteel there were agreements between the two that went beyond traditional wedding vows. One particular agreement that was made involved domestic discipline, an old fashioned method of settling disputes, mistakes, and intentional defiance. Emmaleigh’s husband lived by those vows/agreements and when a spanking was needed he would bare her bottom for punishment without a second thought. However, when she showcased direct disobedience, John would sometimes have his friend Bill (Achillies) drop by the house to deliver a few extra strokes! John Casteel worked at the local hospital and he’d seen firsthand the dangers of texting while driving. Emmaleigh didn’t understand the consequences of what she was doing (or just didn’t care), but when she was caught texting and driving a second time in one week the belts came off and her bottom was blistered! John and Bill strapped Emmaleigh repeatedly in her jeans and also in her panties as she laid the bed. They also double spanked the deserving woman as she deserved some harsh discipline. Her husband was furious with her (though more disappointed), so he and Bill double strapped his wife on her sore and bare bottom as well! Emmaleigh was repentant and pleading for forgiveness when Bill went home, though John had to make sure that her bottom experienced some real suffering, for her own safety. John would continue spanking that bare bottom, in fact he gave Emmaleigh a thorough leathering with a billet strap and the razor strap! His wife was crying out, but the man of the house was going to be damned if he ignored their vows. The situation became real intense when John repeatedly smacked Emmaleigh’s backside with a stiff wooden bathbrush, her husband also made his point clear by administering a hard paddling…she needed to learn this lesson. Sure, they would both embrace when the punishment was over, John loved Emmaleigh more than anything else in this world. True love hurts sometimes, but a good husband would do anything to keep his wife from harm.

Universal Spanking and Punishments - Double Strapping the Wife

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