Universal Spanking and Punishments - Holding Strong - A Poolside Paddling

Universal Spanking and Punishments – Holding Strong – A Poolside Paddling

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Jessie Whitcomb was enjoying the end of summer and feeling very good about life in general. Over the past year a lot had changed for the girl and she was looking forward to the start of senior year. Jessie was smiling and feeling very relaxed as she worked through her yoga routine on the patio next to the pool. In fact, the pretty young lady was surprisingly calm and focused even though she knew that her bare bottom would soon be feeling the effects of a painful spanking! Last year, Jessie and her step-dad were always fighting and at odds with one another. She had been partying way too much and had become quite pessimistic due to spending too much time on her phone and hanging out with negative people who didn’t want to be happy anyways. However, one day Jessie’s step-dad sat her down and asked to have a real heart to heart talk. In those moments Jessie’s step-dad proposed a new way of living for her that involved exercise, getting good rest, eating right, spending more time outdoors, and living a healthy lifestyle in general. Mr. Whitcomb also suggested that Jessie should try embracing regular maintenance spankings, ones that were meant to truly produce the best results. Jessie was skeptical of her step-dad’s plan to improve her life, but in a moment of clarity she agreed to try things his way…for a little while. The days turned to weeks and Jessie couldn’t believe how much better she felt about everything around her. Schoolwork became easier and she felt so good about herself. In a million years Jessie would have never though that baring her backside for frequent discipline could make her feel so balanced. As Jessie spent her early Saturday morning doing yoga, her step-dad watched from indoors for a couple of moments with a sense of pride…his step-daughter had made so much progress. That morning he would walk outside and give Jessie another dose of discipline that she’d come to expect from her old man. He first spanked the girl on all fours in her yoga pants and then with her bottom bared. He would also have Jessie assume other positions that would test her endurance while she was being spanked. Almost always, Mr. Whitcomb would strap Jessie with his leather belt, those licks always made her dig deep within herself. On that particular day Jessie was positioned in such a way that she had to hold herself up, but at one point her arms gave way to the pressure. She was scolded and her step-dad put his foot on her back, he then held her in position and laid in some blazing hot belt strokes. You might think that Jessie would have been upset, instead she was thankful that her step-dad would scold her, offer correction, and move past the infraction with his full support. It was also quite common for Jessie to receive swats with a variety of different paddles. On that morning she would take swats from one made of leather and a wooden paddle with holes. Once again, Jessie was put in a variety of positions and that time she held herself up strong. Those swats burned her bare cheeks like they always did, though Jessie felt proud of how far she’d progressed under the guidance of her step-dad. Until the day that she left home (and a few times after) Jessie proudly presented her bottom for punishment whenever she was told to bend over. You’ll even see that Jessie asked permission to take some alone time by the pool to give herself a self-spanking for a good while longer. Her case is a success story, one where she took a risk to better herself by listening to the man who would always be there for her, forever.

Universal Spanking and Punishments - Holding Strong - A Poolside Paddling

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