Universal Spanking and Punishments - Living with the Strap - The Punishment of a Round Bottom

Universal Spanking and Punishments – Living with the Strap – The Punishment of a Round Bottom

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Virginia Banks made some bold moves earlier on in life and now she’s trying to collect herself and put her life back together. Just a few years ago, the girl loudly walked away from her quiet life in the country, flat out ignoring all of the good advice that her step-dad was giving her at the time. Bad decisions were made and a few laws were broken by the wayward girl. Virginia would end up calling her old man eventually, begging to come back to her old room. While she had been living with no cares at all, the world had grown rough around her and Virginia needed a safe, secure, and loving environment…she needed a home. Virginia’s step-dad was hesitant about letting her return. He was concerned that she’d come back and begin breaking rules once again. It was a tough decision for him, though he cared so much for her that he eventually agreed to let her back through the door with a few conditions. There would be strict rules for Virginia, and painful punishments if she couldn’t stay on track. Within a week the problems began, Virginia was breaking curfew already and her step-dad wasn’t going to let things slide. He knew what was best for her and it was time to re-visit the old fashioned way of dealing with rule breakers. Virginia would be taken over his knee and her round bottom was bared for a stern spanking! You’ll see her beautiful cheeks bounce as his hard hand repeatedly smacked her backside. Virginia would plead for leniency, however her requests would be ignored and she would be strapped instead! The defiant step-daughter was placed on all fours and her step-dad strapped her naked backside from both sides, welting Virginia in the process. He warned the girl that she could face worse punishments if the defiance continued, let’s hope that Virginia makes the right choices going into the future or she’ll most certainly face some harsh consequences.

Universal Spanking and Punishments - Living with the Strap - The Punishment of a Round Bottom

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