Universal Spanking and Punishments - Small Town Punishment - The Lakeville Lottery Scandal

Universal Spanking and Punishments – Small Town Punishment – The Lakeville Lottery Scandal

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This video is based on a true story. Candice Emerson had begun working at a new job earlier this year. She was going to save up some money while paying off bills, plus she wanted to make her step-dad proud. For the first few months Candice was pretty respectable as a clerk at the small town party store, though one day she was faced with some serious temptation and her morals caved at the thought of becoming rich overnight. A man came in her store like he did every few days to purchase some lottery tickets, though on that day he had left a ticket behind. When Candice scanned the forgotten ticket she became excited at the fact that it happened to be a three million dollar winner! She, her boyfriend, and others tried to cash the prize winning ticket when state lottery officials stepped in and investigated further. Before Candice knew it, fraud charges were filed and everyone in town was talking about the crime,..well, everyone except her step-dad! Mr. Emerson is a hard working man, he’ll work 14 hour days to put food on the table for his family. He’s a proud member of his community and when he found out that he was nearly the last to know about Candice’s lottery scandal the noble man was furious. Mr. Emerson told Candice to go to the back bedroom where he’d punish her from time to time, and a paddle and two straps were laying there on the bed! The girl knew that she was going to have to take some painful licks, though she couldn’t have even imagined how much much punishment she was facing. Candice laid across the bed and prepared herself for a spanking. She was ashamed and certainly wasn’t getting out of the situation. There was no hand spanking or warm up, in fact the punishment began with the razor strap! Candice was given licks in her tight jeans and on her bare bottom with that mean strap. She certainly protested and plead, but her step-dad was determined to make her backside suffer. It wasn’t often, but the girl would also have to lie there for strokes with the family strap. That long piece of leather had welted her cheeks before and by the time the strapping was over she’d be counting the licks and apologizing at the same time! You’ll also see Candice positioned on all fours for a paddling with a stinging lexan paddle. Those paddles burn and punish a girl right through to the deepest parts of her soul. On that day, Mr. Emerson also gave Candice a complete grounding, she had zero privileges going forward. Furthermore, Candice would receive two bare bottom spankings each week for two months. It was a difficult situation for the girl though she could accept the punishment from the state without an issue, but each and every time she was spanked by her heartbroken old man for this offense she would go to her room and cry for hours afterwards. The silver lining was this…Candice was truly sorry and of course her step-dad loved her…maybe this situation would make their bond stronger and create a turning point that would last for the rest of her life.

Universal Spanking and Punishments - Small Town Punishment - The Lakeville Lottery Scandal

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